This was our first service call since the transition from Ricoh.  I was surprised with how quickly your technician was dispatched.  He is a super technician, really friendly and helpful!

Becky Furedy
Grace United Methodist Church

When I called in the error code Maria Perehinec from your First Touch Team was a great help to me.

She mentioned that I could do a couple of things that would probably take care of the problem.

I followed her directions & sure enough the error message disappeared.

I was able to take care of the problem on my own. From start to finish it took about 10 minutes.

Maria was not only helpful but she was kind & courteous while on the phone with me.

Steve Shadle
Menno Haven, Inc.

Doing Better Business consistently responds timely to our needs in our Pittsburgh office. This instance was no exception the technician came same day. With a small staff we rely on this one copier/printer/scanner to handle all of our printing needs so downtime can be a significant problem for us. We appreciate the quickness of response and the knowledgeable technicians who can get us back up and running.

Brook Noel
Richard King Mellon Foundaiton

I cannot be more pleased with DBB service dispatch than I was yesterday!  My Savin printer 

had an error code that left my machine unable to operate, consequently left my business 

unable to operate.  I placed the call to your dispatcher at 8:00am, and the service technician arrived at my door within 45 minutes!


I have & will continue to tell friends & business associates that DBB  is one of the most 

professional & BEST businesses in the area to deal with--hands down!

Becky Good
Good Advertising

I could not believe how quickly the service technician was here to work on the copier.  I felt like I had just placed the service call and BOOM, he was here!

Pepper Burkholder
Primary Menno Haven
Summit Healthcare

Dear WPS and Doing Better Business Team:

Just to let you know, on Friday FCPS earned the Brice & Shirley Phillips Best Practices Award from the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) for our successful implementation of the Managed Print Service (MPS) project that was completed last June.  All your efforts contributed to this prestigious award.  The project has proven to be cost effective and has improved our productivity in several ways.  It will add savings to the district that will inevitably help our students.  FCPS and WPS should be proud  of this accomplishment as I know you all worked and continue to work feverishly over the last 2 ½ years during the project pilot and implementation.  Many of the districts throughout the State have benchmarked our work and are echoing our success.  It is truly a “best practice”.   I want to thank you all for your involvement and cooperation during the MPS project.  Without you it could not have been done.  Please share my sincere gratitude with everyone in your company that has contributed to the success of this project. 

Again, thank you.

Stephen P. Starmer
Purchasing Manager
Frederick County Public Schools

Doing Better Business (DBB) is Prompt-Efficient-Professional. We are especially pleased with the response time and being able to receive a tracking log upon submitting service calls. All service technicians are very efficient, customer friendly/courteous and the quality of their work is very detailed.  They are always willing to go above and beyond to rectify any problems. All customer service and sales representatives always answer the phone in a professional manner, and all questions/inquiries are answered within a timely manner. It is a pleasure to work with such a great team of professionals.

Paula Kepich
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Microfilm/Photocopy Office

After reviewing and testing five or six document management systems, we chose Content Central.  The main reason for our choice to pick Content Central was the willingness of DBB to work with us to fine tune the product to meet our needs.  Other products we tested had limitations that did not fit our company.  We also value and appreciate having a local presence.  In our case, Liz Pape and Brandi Noye organized a great transition for us from paper files to electronic files.  The ultimate touch it once system – from correspondence, payments, documents, etc., you can accomplish most routine items from your desk, eliminating piles and piles of paper files to be addressed at a later time.  As we all know, filing paper files is not the best use of an assistants time.  

Susan M. Restano
Executive Vice President
Smithfield Trust Company

The commitment by the sales reps and technicians to satisfy their customers is what impresses me about Doing Better Business.  Our rep works with us to find a copier that meets our needs and budget.   We always receive same day service when placing a service call, which is important because of the large volume of printing and copying that is done on a daily basis.  Their technicians are always friendly and courteous, explaining the repair if a part is needed and when the repair will be completed or is completed. 

B.J. Martis
Tube City IMS, LLC

We recently upgraded our main server and four office computers, and the transition was unbelievable smooth. It’s great to know that we can depend on WPS to respond to any issue we have in an extremely fast and efficient manner.

Kimberly Miller
Administrative Assistant
Town of Boonsboro