What You Need to Know About Color Printing

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When deciding which features your company doesn't need in a printer or multifunction device, someone is always quick to bring up color printing. Some will say it's too pricey, while others will say that your business probably doesn't even need it. Let us explain why color printing is cheaper--and more beneficial--than ever!

Separating Fact from Fiction

The truth is that, in the past, color printing was expensive--often reserved for the largest companies. Today, things have changed in a big way, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Why? Too many smaller businesses are still outsourcing to print shops or using color printers for volumes of prints that just aren't supported by either of those methods. Some believe that color printers are too expensive to be efficient for frequent printing in color, when you consider the price of the multiple cartridges necessary for each print; and print shops usually give you two options: spend too much money on the right number of prints, or print in bulk and save money but still end up with copies you don't need. Fortunately, printing in color just got easier, even for small businesses. It's all thanks to multifunction printers (MFPs).

Let a Color Copier MFP Help

How can a multifunction printer give your company the freedom to print in color?

  • Overall cost: One of the biggest benefits of MFPs is that they're cost-efficient no matter how you look at it. Their overall cost, including original price and supplies, is still less than the maintenance for older machines--plus, it costs less (about five cents per page) to print in color!
  • Efficiency: If you print in color often or in large volumes, then you'll find that a color copier multifunction printer is the most efficient choice. It's easy and fast, the cost is fair, and you have complete control over every detail.
  • Options: Being able to print in color whenever you want is one luxury you can't overlook. You'll find new ways to market your work, make your company look more professional, and draw the eyes of new customers (and impress existing ones).

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