About Us

Ann and Vince DellapostaThe foundation of the Dellaposta family of businesses is service.  Vincent Dellaposta, a veteran and national word processor service manager, opened Word Processing Services, Inc., (WPS) in 1973, in Hagerstown, Maryland. With his wife, Marcella Ann Boslet- Dellaposta, as his partner, they knew any company could sell a product, but the service provided after the sale was the true mark of a company. Within five years, they opened their second location in their hometown, Altoona, Pennsylvania.
Beth Dellaposta Elbin
Originally focused on Savin Word Processors, they quickly turned to Savin liquid copiers with the advent of the personal computer and they became WPS “Your Copier Company.” Always striving to be a resource for their customers, the Dellaposta family was quick to investigate new technological advancements. In the early 1990’s, both of their daughters, Debbie and Beth, joined the business. It was clear to see copiers were going to become multifunctional printing devices and they invested in Microsoft and Novell training and certifications. By 1996, they became WPS Solutions, offering computer networking sales and service.  
 In the early 2000’s, their son joined the business.  With a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Joseph, brought attention to processes  and workflow analysis.  This not only improved the operations and efficiencies at WPS, but they also found ways to package and use these  tools to help their customers.   The most important was the development of their award-winning Managed Print Services Program.  
In 2003, Vince became Chairman of the Board and Ann became President of WPS.  Continuing the philosophy of service, attention to  customer needs and more importantly the responsibility to give back to the communities where they live and work, WPS grew exponentially.  By 2006, the Dellaposta family opened their third location in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.   
Having the people with the right skills and talent for providing managed services became essential as business processes became increasingly more complicated.   The rapid pace of technological advancements required a completely engaged team of cross-functional employees.  Managed Print merged with Managed Document Services to help clients go green and use less paper with more efficient processes. 

In 2013, Ann retired and Debbie became President.  In the same year, Debbie, Beth and Joe formed Doing Better Business, Inc., (DBB) and acquired Van Dyk Business Systems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   DBB contracted with WPS to manage their operations in Pittsburgh. 
With a focus on creating the most creative, empowered, customer focused family of employees, WPS Office Solutions achieved two Great Places to Work Certifications, as well as, back to back, Best Places to Work in PA and Western PA awards.   
In 2016, DBB acquired Total Service, Inc., in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.   With this acquisition, the Dellaposta family decided it was time to stop contracting with WPS and will operate both Pittsburgh and Latrobe as Doing Better Business, Inc.   
The name more accurately reflects the mission statement:  “To be a trusted business partner to our clients by providing technology services and best practice processes focused on improving efficiencies, sustaining the environment, growing the bottom line and ultimately, doing better business.”
The second generation of the Dellaposta family plans to complete the acquisition of WPS from their parents by the end of 2017, bringing all five locations and the entire team of over 100 people with more than 1,000 combined years of experience into the Doing Better Business family.