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  • 3D Models created by WPS
    3D Printing and Prototype Services
    Let WPS help you create models and prototypes!
    Need a model or prototype to help you close the sale? Let WPS help you print in 3D!
  • business process mapping
    Business Process Mapping
    Where does overspending take place in your business?
    Where does overspending take place in your business? Let WPS help you identify where you are overspending and enhance your existing business processes!
  • managed it services
    Managed IT Services!
    Optimize your IT Infrastructure with WPS, reducing costs and downtimes.
  • managed print services
    Managed Print Services!
    Did you know that most organizations are overspending when it comes to printing? Learn how Managed Print Services can help you lower costs and go green!
  • office equipment
    Office Equipment!
    Explore the latest Copiers, Printers Multifunction systems and learn how you can enhance your documents.
  • Document Management!
    Document Management!
    Enhance your Document Management system and discover how you can optimize your document processes with WPS! Learn more today!

WPS and Doing Better Business


Please welcome the newest addition to our family:  







Find out what our employees say makes WPS a Great Place to Work! 


After reviewing and testing five or six document management systems, we chose Content Central.  The main reason for our choice to pick Content Central was the willingness of WPS to work with us to fine tune the product to meet our needs.  Other products we tested had limitations that did not fit our company.  We also value and appreciate having a local presence.  In our case, Liz Pape and Brandi Noye organized a great transition for us from paper files to electronic files.  The ultimate touch it once system – from correspondence, payments, documents, etc., you can accomplish most routine items from your desk, eliminating piles and piles of paper files to be addressed at a later time.  As we all know, filing paper files is not the best use of an assistants time.  

Susan M. Restano
Executive Vice President
Smithfield Trust Company

Do You Need a Copier or a Scanner?


When considering the needs of your office, you usually have more than one option. This is nice, but it doesn't make the decision any easier if you aren't sure what you want or need. So if you are needing a new scanning machine, what type will you get? A copier? A scanner? We would like to offer you some help in making this decision for your office.